Its Streets, Its Neighborhoods, Its Future…

Today, West Main Street is a vital urban street, a locally designated historic district, and an important connection between the University of Virginia and Downtown Charlottesville, and to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The outcome of this City-led project will be an updated master plan for the West Main Street corridor from the Downtown Mall to Jefferson Park Avenue, in addition to construction documents for streetscape improvements at key segments along the corridor.

The plan’s priorities include:

  • Better connectivity to and from the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Beautification strategies for West Main Street
  • An increased emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle-oriented infrastructure
  • Use of best practices with regard to environmental issues such as green infrastructure and street trees
  • Improved clarity in the built form and public space standards along West Main Street
  • Recommended massing and land use for West Main Street
  • Strategies to protect the historic fabric of the corridor
  • Improved vehicular traffic circulation
  • Consideration of parking alternatives
  • An economic impact assessment of the proposed land use and zoning recommendations

The project will include significant community outreach and multiple opportunities for public input. The first public meeting was held December 7th 2013. The development of alternatives will be presented to the community at a second public meeting early in 2014. A preferred alternative will be developed and presented to the community in the Spring of 2014, and the final Master Plan will be completed by early Summer.

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